Day 3 – painting with George in Concord

Our National Parks are wonderful things – perfect for a morning or afternoon of painting. Today we were on an old farm that has become a part of the National Parks system on Lexington Road in Concord Massachusetts. Yes, 200+ years ago minutemen and redcoats were marching through here. The old farm equipment that I saw is of more recent vintage.  As the mercury climbed, I found my spot in the shade of an old shed. Didn’t even notice the wasps and bees until an hour later. Got a good start on this. Its a 20 inch square that I’d like to return to later this week.

I’ve realized that this week I’m really focusing on how to make a good, fast start. This approach – larger canvas, larger brushes, trying to remember to mix up enough paint for this scale of work – doesn’t get me a completed, pretty painting to take home afterward. I will be in better plein air shape for the rest of the summer.

1 Response to “Day 3 – painting with George in Concord”

  1. 1 laraine June 8, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    I know that spot! I don’t think of you as a “pretty picture” painter. It looks great, though. Nice depth. You really captured the space in the larger size canvas.

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