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Back to the Charles

Another 12×6 stretched linen canvas facing east toward various Boston bridges. We (Laraine and I) were near BU’s sailboats;  the location was a challenge to get to logistically and physically (must work on the upper body strength) and the road traffic from Storrow Drive was too loud but it is an area to explore . . . that’s MIT to the left with a dome and the Green Building above the trees.

Sunday morning productivity

Up at 6, make coffee in the thermal cup, thermal cup? not iced coffee? and drive over to the Institute by 7 – and really already a bit late for early morning light although not too late for the early morning sprinklers that are trying to keep the grass green.  I added the sky and the grass of Killian Court, formerly the “Great Lawn”, and will hopefully get the light on the dome later this week. This is oil paint on a 12×12 cotton canvas.

Following this I headed out to Wellesley and worked for 3 hours to complete last weeks start.  Then got home and scraped it down. I’m thinking Vermeer – not to seem full of myself but better a handful of fabulous surviving paintings then extensive donations for the bad art museum. Then I put a layer of paint over the not quite 16×20 inch cotton canvas – for a 2nd time. I do like this size and hope to get a painting that I like on this canvas – this summer!

Went to a hanging

My show is now hung – 9 paintings, oil on canvas plus my sketchbooks since July 17, 2008 – 2 years plus of eating deliberately. I hope you can visit the show – my paintings are in the gallery space  to the right, and my food diaries are straight ahead in the display case on the far wall of the reading room.

There will be a reception on Friday, October 15th, 4-6pm – It’s Rotch Library in Building 7.

It has been weeks since the last dome . . .

Killian Morning – This 20×10 inch stretched canvas has been sold. Need a break from the columns.

Lovely Weekend – good times painting

Plein Air oil painting of Charles River from MIT

Warm spring days, leaves are popping open and I have to seize the opportunity. This is a 10×20 oil on canvas painting, looking over the hedges and wall in Killian Court, MIT toward the Charles River and Boston.

At long last – A Hanging!

4 30 inch square oil on canvas color studies of MIT’s Building 10 have found their home at Dewey Library.

Drizzly Sunday morning, back at MIT doing a reverse view

Saturday night was a fun late night and Sunday am was a slow start – but was tucked behind the  columns by 8.  I had the canvas that I painted and wiped off Saturday (unfinished) and started in on the green expanse of the courtyard –

On Saturday afternoon we painted at Elm Bank – lots of options there, want to return this autumn. I did not finish that painting and just wiped down the canvas.

What’s on the nightstand?

The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. Tao Te Ching translated by Stephen Mitchell
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