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March Sketchbook 3/2-3/9

Snowed in – sketches from photographs

The-Calm Catherine'sCar

Spent the snowy weekend revisiting acrylic gouache on paper

New Mexico Visitor

We’ve had great fun with a guest this week, the very unique Flat Yareli (a relative of Flat Stanley of children’s book fame). On Monday, she went plein air landscape painting with me. Yareli needed some warmer clothes that would let her paint. A pair of gloves without the finger tips lets a painter hold the brush. A down-vest keeps a painter warm while arms are flexible and unencumbered.

Charlestown is an historic neighborhood in historic Boston, Massachusetts. After Thanksgiving dinner, Eddy, Phil and I took Yareli for a stroll to Boston Harbor and Breed’s Hill, site of the Battle of Bunker Hill. Eddy just graduated from Boston Latin School – it was the very first public school in the USA and is nearly 400 years old. Many of the patriots that you hear about in revolutionary history went to this school; Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and Samuel Adams.

For our walk, I made a fab faux fur coat and earmuffs for Flat Yareli – its colder here than New Mexico. Just check out the photos. Flat Yareli will be making her way home soon.

Remember my previous encounter with acrylic gouache?

Cyclamen, acrylic gouache on paper, 7 x 7

I’ve been thinking about these paints – it was time to get them out again. I last used them at Art New England, July 2011, while experimenting with integrating different source material into a composition in Susan Lichtman’s splendid workshop.

The tubes were not dried out and it proved to be a very satisfying experience for an hour long paint sketch this afternoon.

Sketch book 12/31/11


Art New England 2011 – Friday

I’m an artistic chameleon, changing my art with each passing class. These paintings are surprising and intriguing and yet, where is this coming from and where is it going?

So here’s today’s work – the setting is the living room in my dorm.


And here are the assembled works of the week.

Art New England 2011 – Thursday

Gawd it was hot!!

Woke up with the birds and started painting.


a dorm room narrative.

What’s on the nightstand?

The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. Tao Te Ching translated by Stephen Mitchell
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