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A new computer is not a simple thing to add to my life.

The old Mac was 6 or 7 years old, and unfortunately, none of my old software runs on my lovely new machine.

Test scan

I have files to transfer from the backup disk- art, music and everything else, online banking complications to unravel – oh, and switch to a local credit union at the same time,  and the decisions on software to be purchased or downloaded and installed. Today I located and downloaded a driver for my old scanner – and it now works! I like my scanner  – I can scan transparencies –  I have many slides to someday digitalize.

Work from the road trip

My gouche and Holbein sketchbook were along for the ride. While painting on a moving train is tricky, (understatement?) I had more time then than as acting chef and chauffeur at chez mom. Really, it was a really good visit; I think we both had an excellent time.

Furlough Food Diary, July 2-July 11, 2010

Through the scorching first week in July, I kept my food diary in a Japanese style folding book. Note the frozen fruit bars – yum! And yes, I do enjoy a modest glass of red wine with my bedtime book. Gouache on paper that’s 6.5 inches square.

A year of eating deliberately

Friday, July 17  was my 1 year anniversary of drawing all that I’ve eaten  –  an exercise in the eccentric. And I think I’m in for another year.  Phil and I concluded the year  at Craigie On Main in Cambridge for a dinner that represented many of the things I’ve had the opportunity to think about as I’ve focused on eating food. We tried the tasting menu – and I more than filled the final page in the current sketchbook. The meal was both fabulous and overwhelming, and how could I be a half pound lighter the next day?

May 18 Visual Food Diary

Well these phone pix are the pits.


May 16 and 17 Visual Food Diary

FoodinMay.16 FoodinMay.17

May 14 and 15 Visual Food Diary

Hmmm, things getting hectic?

FoodinMay.14 FoodinMay.15

What’s on the nightstand?

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