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EDM Challenge 175 – a basket

The array of baskets available at lunch – solar powered compacting trash basket? – just didn’t work for me. this is an old Easter basket that commonly holds hair accesseries and tubes of magic potions for skin.

EDM Challenge #174 The Longfellow Bridge

I’ve returned to the Everyday Matters email group. Drawing everyday is a wonderful thing and I had allowed it to slip away recently. My Everyday Drawing should happen everyday at lunch. Scanning and blogging may not happen as frequently. At work I keep a small Moleskine (for stealth drawing through meetings) and a postcard size pad of watercolor paper. In my desk. I keep a few pencils, Microns and Staedtler pigment liners and a small watercolor kit tucked in a drawer. And there’s always something to draw. The Longfellow Bridge is near to work, but looking for a better unobstructed view, I walked under the road and Red line and found a bench with a view.

EDM Challenge 107 – how I get my news

Library newspaper displaynews vending machines
Living in the city, walking to work or the market, I get my headlines as I stroll. At work at the library, the most recent are on display – waiting for me at lunch . . . and then there is the supermarket checkout news, too!

EDM Challenge 105 – Draw Scissors

Bonsai scissorsHere are two different drawings of scissors. Both drawings were made in my small square hand•book journal.

The elegant Bonsai scissors are matte black with sensuous curves isolated on the page – my impatient attempts at that Mindy’s Scissorsgardening art are not worthy of these scissors. The Bonsai scissors were drawn with a dry Micron pen.

The other drawing is a busy counter top, including the very sharp sheers of a master at taming curly hair.

Sketched in pencil while I was in her chair awaiting her magic, Mindy makes these scissors sing. Along with her tools, business cards and magic potions, she has a pine cone.


EDM Challenge 106 – Draw something tart or sour

sour journal entry
Time to pucker up. Journaling in ink with Itoya pen and a little WN watercolor in Holbein sketchbook.

EDM Challenge 104 – Draw some salt and pepper shakers

Salt and Pepper packets Much of my drawing time is also my lunch time at work. So first, there were the ubiqitous packets from Au Bon Pain on a napkin – micron in my moleskine (click on thumbnail to see larger image) – and then the grinders from home. At my house, we are hardcore salt and pepper people – we grind both. For the larger jolt of flavor? Seems likely. The drawing with the blood oranges is micron pen and watercolors probably WN, in an ancient Holbein sketch book. The pencil sketch was made in the Hand book sketch book. These scans have been slightly tweaked in photoshop.

salt and pepper watercolor and ink


EDM Challenge 103 – Draw some exercise equipment

Everlast bag . . . what you use to stay fit. Well I walk to work – even in the frigid weather lately – but for less stress exercise – this punching bag is tops! (click on thumbnail to see larger image) Bought as a Christmas present for my son, all human family members give it a solid whack when passing by in the hall. The plastic base, about 18 inched in diameter is filled with water, the bag on top is filled with air, and the metal rod attaching the two is height adjustable. When smacked, the bag promptly bounces back on its spring. The drawing is General’s woodless graphite 8B – on very soft unknown brand of paper.


What’s on the nightstand?

The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. Tao Te Ching translated by Stephen Mitchell
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