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Art New England 2011 – Wednesday


Works in progress -first combining my dorm room, and then again assembling a cast of characters using a total of three photos and painting from the model.

Art New England 2011 – Tuesday

The model joined the class out in the Bennington College landscape. Only one model in all these paintings – she was switching back and forth between the two poses. Conversation paintings. The interior dorm room will have a figure add in the morning.

Still working with the acrylic gouache, getting some control with it. The finish is very matte. And one advantage is that come time to drive home, all these paintings will be dry.


Art New England 2011 – Monday

Today we started painting from the model – first on her own and then adding her to the Sunday night paintings. The customary disclaimer, no photoshop on the laptop, photos are a mere approximation. So far 1 classmate is loving the acrylic gouache, most of us have hopes that by Wednesday we’ll feel able to control it and a few are already planning to sell their tubes.

Art New England 2011 Sunday

Off to a fast start this week, we were painting on Sunday evening – to give us paintings to develop on Monday.  The workshop is The Figure in Context, taught by Susan Lichtman. Adding figures to compositions – the old  fashion non-photoshop way. So Sunday evening we each painted a simple landscape and a still life. One other detail, I’m not painting in oils . . . we’re using acrylic based gouache – who knew it existed?


Getting ready for Vermont

Acryla gouache on gessoed paper, cup image C. 5x4/5 inches

In July I’ll be at a week long workshop –  The Figure in Context with Susan Lichtman – painting with acrylics (this time, relatively new acrylic gouache) for the first time since college. So I had a little practice time last night – liking them better than before, but they disappear fast. I will be going through a lot of paint.

I will be also bringing along my oils/french easel and traditional gouache. Never want to be short on supplies in Bennington.

Work from the road trip

My gouche and Holbein sketchbook were along for the ride. While painting on a moving train is tricky, (understatement?) I had more time then than as acting chef and chauffeur at chez mom. Really, it was a really good visit; I think we both had an excellent time.

Last Catherine class of 2010

gouache on paper 7×4 inches

A wonderful model, a nice way to end the year on December 16th. As I had to leave to attend Revels dress rehearsal, this study was a perfect paint and dash solution. I’ll take gouache to New Mexico this week.

What’s on the nightstand?

The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. Tao Te Ching translated by Stephen Mitchell
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