Weekend work at the Arboretum April 27 & 28 – in progress

04.27.PetersHillSkylineStart 04.28.PetersHillSkylineAddingTrees

It was one of those days – a lot of time spent carrying the canvas up and down hills looking for the right spot. Started Saturday at the Arboretum, exploring the top of Hemlock Hill – it’s got some possibilities, large rocks and hemlocks but not the space for a panoramic view of the city. It also is quite obviously party headquarters for those who enjoy an evening al fresco of multiple Budweisers. But that’s for another weekend,  maybe graphite on mylar studies, with oil color washes, beer can still lifes, perhaps not what the gallery would be looking for. The pluses of Hemlock Hill include the relative seclusion, but not the view we were looking for that day.

We decided to revisit the classic Peter’s Hill for its panoramic views. Half of JP and Roslindale and even West Roxbury joined us with their dogs for an atmosphere closer to Grand Central Station. Such a crowd – although I wasn’t in the mood  to try to paint it. A little different that the frigid days in winter. Fortunately I stopped a friendly lab from peeing  on my gear. Also fortunately his owners did not view my reaction unreasonable.


Apple blossoms were thick in the air – a couple arrived in the paint just as the bugs do. The prices was helped along by the mother shaking a few limbs to make the petals fly – hmm – this didn’t happen at 27 degrees.

It was a good 2 days, the first day I focused on drawing the scene and roughing in the values – see the top left image. I used a mixture of Dioxazine Purple and Indian Yellow.  I returned on Sunday to paint, adding the brilliant colors of the early spring.

I had the opportunity to test a brush from Rosemary and Co – and went straight home and ordered some of her ivory flats.


The painting, not quite finished – is in good shape. I scrapped a bit down and will work from a photograph to complete it. I’m way too fond of the section pictured below – with the Hancock tower and the Pru – will I need to murder my darlings?


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