Cold weather – what worked, what didn’t

Painting out in the cold has its charms, it also has some challenges. Being cold generally is not helpful, but specifically, hands that are either frozen or so bundled up that they have no finesse create an unsatisfying experience. Oil paints, while they do not freeze, do become very stiff in the cold. 37 degrees was the coldest when I was out. I know, not exactly freezing, but I am talking about standing still for about 3 hours.

So, what worked: keeping my hands warm – the combo of this lightweight glove with metallic threads to conduct heat in combination with Little Hotties with little black stretchy gloves (tips of the fingers cut off) to hold the heat in. Success.


LavaSeatWhat didn’t work: LavaSeat. the plan was to put it under my palette to keep the paints warm. I’m guessing that my microwave was neither large enough nor powerful enough – but it just didn’t heat up.  I  kept pouring paint thinner into the paint, trying for the ideal flow and mostly getting a soupy concoction or just troweling on a very stiff paint.

Plein air – for the sport of it!

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