Sunday morning productivity

Up at 6, make coffee in the thermal cup, thermal cup? not iced coffee? and drive over to the Institute by 7 – and really already a bit late for early morning light although not too late for the early morning sprinklers that are trying to keep the grass green.  I added the sky and the grass of Killian Court, formerly the “Great Lawn”, and will hopefully get the light on the dome later this week. This is oil paint on a 12×12 cotton canvas.

Following this I headed out to Wellesley and worked for 3 hours to complete last weeks start.  Then got home and scraped it down. I’m thinking Vermeer – not to seem full of myself but better a handful of fabulous surviving paintings then extensive donations for the bad art museum. Then I put a layer of paint over the not quite 16×20 inch cotton canvas – for a 2nd time. I do like this size and hope to get a painting that I like on this canvas – this summer!

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