No Black Friday here – it was graphite; also no earth tones, I mix my own.

I started first with loose sketches on mylar with graphite  (powder, bars, and pencils) then added oil paint. Perhaps overworked, knowing when to stop is always a tricky thing. This hydrangea is from a bouquet I brought back from Vermont this summer – a variety that grows wild in the edges of Bennington College’s campus, they survived the hot ride home and ultimately dried beautifully.










I then moved on to a linen canvas 12×12, planning a more sustained painting with the same hydrangea on 2x4s arrangement – this is the easel and my set up. . . . and may I say I will be adjusting the background values, but can I blame the camera?

4 Responses to “No Black Friday here – it was graphite; also no earth tones, I mix my own.”

  1. 3 Liz Farquhar November 25, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    So much better than shopping! I ran a quick errand (store in downtown San Diego was quiet) then over to Balboa Park tro see what the birds were up to. I DID hit the gallery gift shops tho …

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