Trying out my Soltek easel – Santa came early and he is SO good to me.

This easel is very light-weight and a breeze to set up; it will replace my wooden Julien in the field.

Given the current late November weather and my personal inclinations not to test my temperature tolerances, I’m testing the easel on the distinctive terrain of the Victorian townhouse. It works well on hardwood floors – I am avoiding the rugs. The way the legs adjust, it should be possible to put the easel up even on stairs, as I focus on the interior landscape this winter.

I like the neutral gray Plexiglas palette, fits into the case beautifully – would like it better if I could hold it while painting. The additional hole in the palette would be worth the loss of palette real estate to me. The storage space is adequate but less than I’ve had in the past.

I was cautious with the easel – setting up on the 2nd floor landing, art books to my left and stairs to my right,  and the likeliness of a spill spreading through the entire house will do that.  I’ll test again tomorrow. All the moving parts are attached to a central core – I need a sense when working as to how much pressure the work surface can take . . .

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