In some Internet sketching circles , drawing everyday in May – if not all the time – is a popular challenge.

For me, I’ve been drawing every day, and I do mean every day, at least 3 times a day, since mid-July 2008, so my challenge will be to post them. This blog has been more of a personal semi-private record of my oil painting than daily drawings shared with the rest of the world. So this is an anomaly, that should work well this month. Later on in May, I will be vacationing – the food will include airline meals – what can we expect from Swiss Air? I understand Chocolate is included, with goodies from Basel, Budapest and Vienna to follow. I won’t guarantee daily postings but the food offerings will be a bit different from the customary  campus/packed lunch food selections. I’m using gouache, a pen or pencil and a Fabriano sketchbook that is approximately 6×9 inches. This was what I ate on May first.


1 Response to “In some Internet sketching circles , drawing everyday in May – if not all the time – is a popular challenge.”

  1. 1 laraine May 13, 2009 at 9:42 pm

    You can expect Swiss Air to provide you with a “Special Meal” if you call in advance of your flight. They have three different choices of vegetarian: regular, non-dairy, and kosher. Your meal will be delivered to you before anyone else on the plane. You eat then put on your eye shades, ear plugs and blanket, and tuck in for a quiet night. Bon voyage!

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