Labor Day Weekend Work

Crane Painting - still unfinished

Gorgeous Sunday am, I was up early, found my spot and was working by 8 am. I’ve spent weeks watching graphic compositions form framed in the library’s windows. Now was time to make my own. I set up in an isolated corner of an Institute student parking lot, 10 feet away from the construction site’s fence. Within one half hour, someone from the construction company arrived, remarking on how unusual it is to paint cranes and buildings, making a cellphone call as he walked away. Within 10 minutes, campus police arrived, and the officer also checked out my work, casually looked over my supplies. Surprise! he has a BFA from B.U., told me he liked my design and said have a nice day. Smile, I’m on candid surveillance camera. I was not of interest to any students and spoke with no one else other than a steel worker looking for a job.

The following Sunday, the cranes had moved, but to add some final details, I set up on Main St. – with tourist trolley buses and coffee shop customers constantly passing. There were also men working on the site. Never have I had such positive feed back from so many guys – without a doubt, the subject matter works for them. 🙂

1 Response to “Labor Day Weekend Work”

  1. 1 Sally Tarasoff September 17, 2007 at 4:28 am

    One should not sit and stare at any building for a long time….next thing you know you’ll be labeled a threat by homeland security. LOL.

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