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EDM Challenge 103 – Draw some exercise equipment

Everlast bag . . . what you use to stay fit. Well I walk to work – even in the frigid weather lately – but for less stress exercise – this punching bag is tops! (click on thumbnail to see larger image) Bought as a Christmas present for my son, all human family members give it a solid whack when passing by in the hall. The plastic base, about 18 inched in diameter is filled with water, the bag on top is filled with air, and the metal rod attaching the two is height adjustable. When smacked, the bag promptly bounces back on its spring. The drawing is General’s woodless graphite 8B – on very soft unknown brand of paper.


Challenge 102 – draw a power plug – but what about the wires all over my desk!

PowerPlugThis EDM Challenge is rendered in 8b General’s woodless graphite on a rather soft yet unknown paper. I’ve mostly drawn with ink this past year, thought I’d try the graphite.

This drawing was made the same week I bought a new scanner and software; nothing got enough attention and my desk is still covered in wires.

The tightness of this drawing surprises me, not typical of my art.


EDM Challenge 101 – draw a bar of soap

soap in watercolor

Homemade, cinnamon scented soap on a translucent dish with flowers embedded – this begs for color. I wipe the dust from my watercolors (a motley selection of Windsor Newton and Holbein artist colors) and watercolor paper scraps (Fabriano and Arches, probably) that had been in the bottom of the drawer for over 12 years. And I just played. I have to be careful in the flat file. There are soft printmaking papers that may be 20 years old. This image is a Photoshop composite of sketches on three separate sheets of paper.


EDM Challenge 100 – draw a landscape

view from work photo view from work

This was not a very landscapey week for me – life was hectic focused on home, a city neighborhood, and work, a city neighborhood. While river views and harbor views are available, in addition to the jumble of red brick and colonial wood frame houses, for a landscape, it was time to improvise with selective vision. The sketch was made on a wet day, the underside of branches were darker from the rain. The sketch was made with a micron pen in the moleskine sketch book.


January’s nearly gone, its time to consider my goals for the new year. EDM Challenge 99

Goals 2007I’m happy with my goals, they are achievable and varied, appealing to most parts of the artistic me – I’ll be working with my camera as well. Setting up this blog was my big delay – I could spend the next year just tweaking the blog design. (EDM Challenge 99 – sketch with Itoya pen on Strathmore series 400 pad, edited Photoshop.)

What’s on the nightstand?

The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. Tao Te Ching translated by Stephen Mitchell
January 2007


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